PyCon CZ 2019 Ostrava

June 14–16 2019, Ostrava

PyCon CZ 2019 was a community event where 450 people gathered for 3 days full of Python and fun at a former coal mine complex Hlubina.



You can still visit Ostrava’s 14th-century old city hall, now turned into the Ostrava Museum. Back then, Ostrava was just a few buildings. But the industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries demanded factories, and around them, the city grew. As a coal mining site and Central Europe’s main centre of iron, coke and steel production, Ostrava became a unique industrial complex. It was the only area in Europe where you could find such technological flow all in one place. Products made here are part of Paris’ Eiffel Tower or Australia’s biggest bridge.

Ostrava’s dominant unspoiled feature is the Vítkovice area (DOV) with the Hlubina mine complex, blast furnaces, ironworks, and a coke plant. DOV was placed on Czechia’s list of tentative World Heritage sites.

As a key industrial area during the communist era, Ostrava was nicknamed the “steel heart of the Republic”. Architecture in the socialist realism style sprang up along with fountained parks, plane trees and statues of a shining future for working men and women.

Coal production ended in 1998 and the city went through a lot of modernisation in the past years. Nowadays, Ostrava is known for cultural events, festivals, and sports events. Almost every day, there’s a new place opening: galleries, cafés, bars or bistros. The people are open and direct, and very warm at the same time.